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Honda gasoline engine


Honda start in the 1948 to produce bicycle engine power, has been to "dream" as a driving force to "commodity" in the form of individuals and society continue to provide a wider range of mobile culture.

      "Respect for individuality", the importance of each individual's personality, thus allowing the Honda formed a respected creative staff, expansive free enterprise culture. Now, Honda has become common from small engines, motorcycles and pedal car, and other fields have the original technology, and continue the development, production of new products enterprises.

      Venture from the beginning, Honda has been in a "customer satisfaction for the rest of the world," the idea of constantly open up their cause. 
 "How can the local customer satisfaction" as its purpose, not only to provide for the establishment of local goods and services a broad sales network, also established a local production and research and development of new products set system.

      At present, apart from Japan, Honda 29 countries in the world with more than 120 production bases, by motorcycle, car and generic products, each of the patrons, as many as 17 million more.

      At the same time, Honda has also been actively perform as a corporate citizen of social obligations, and actively explore environmental protection and security solutions.

      Global environmental problems in today's increasingly prominent, Honda in product development, production and marketing of various business activities in efforts to solve the air pollution and reduce CO2 emissions, the efficient use of resources and energy issues as to achieve the emission cleaning products, Reduce fuel consumption, the production line, "Green Factory" and adopted a series of measures to reduce the impact on the Earth's environment has made positive contributions. For the provision of mobile culture of the manufacturers, Honda not only consider the crew also consider the safety of pedestrians, to produce even more security products. At the same time, actively participate in safe driving, and other outreach activities to solve the problem of the transport system, to build more rich mobile society, and make unremitting efforts.


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